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Agricultural Business Information

In keeping with our continued commitment to assist clients in achieving their goals, every year we create a newsletter specialized for our farming clients which contains various items for consideration. To view this newsletter, click here.
AgriStability is a program designed to protect producers from large declines in their farming income that have been caused by market conditions, increased costs or production loss.
AgriInvest is a farm savings account, where farmers deposit a specific amount, as outlined by AgriStability, and the government matches the contributions. Individuals can withdraw the funds at anytime.  
Dedicated to Canadian agriculture, Farm Credit Canada is Canada's leading agriculture lender, committed to advancing the business of agriculture.
The Agricultural Credit Corporation offers two loan programs to Canadian producers. The Commodity Loan Program provides producers with 14 months of input financing for grains and procesing vegetables. Producers who are found eligible for this program can receive up to $750,000 in financing at the prime interest rate. The second program is the Advanced Payment Program. This is a program supported by the Government of Canada and supports the provision of cash advances to producers across Canada.
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